Top 5 Items You Need Before Hitting The Slopes

Top 5 Items You Need Before Hitting The Slopes
Tips and tricks to stay warm and enjoy the snow...

Imagine you’re in the mountains. It’s cold and drizzling snow, you’ve only been down one slope and you're already chilled to the bone. Trust me, we’ve all been there. We don’t want you to end up cold and have to end your evening early in the chalet, even though we all know that doesn’t sound like the worst thing in the world, now does it? So, we’ve prepared a list of the top 5 ski gear items that you’ll want to invest in to keep you warm and cosy during Winter.  

Ski jacket and pants

These two things are essential, and we’ve put them both together because if you buy one, you’re going to need the other. A stylish, yet warm, ski jacket and pant combo is something that will definitely keep you noticed on the mountain. Our luxury Winterluxe thermal tights are also the perfect addition as a base layer underneath your ski pants.
Some of our favourite brands of skiwear include Burton, FjallRaven, Patagonia, and Stio Environ. Here are a couple of our favourites!

Winterluxe - Winterluxe Tights Crystal

Burton - Women's Burton Hazel Jacket

Burton - Women's Burton Ivy Pant


An accessory as simple as gloves can make or break your day in the snow. Even if it does warm up, they are easy to pull off and save for later when it cools down. There are also different styles of gloves, so you can find your favourite pair that will best suit your needs. Just remember that you’ll need to find a pair that is waterproof if you truly want your hands to stay warm!

The North Face - Women's Montana ETIP™ Glove

Hestra - Army Leather Heli Ski


This is one of those items that most people forget about, especially if they don’t ski all year round. Not only do goggles protect you from the wind and sun, but they also make for a great accessory. To find the best pair, just check to see if they fit nice and snug around your nose. You can also find them in many different colours and styles.

Oakley - Crowbar Snow Goggle


Whether it’s a stylish hat, a beanie, or a headband, there needs to be something on your head to keep yourself snug! If you’re still a beginner a helmet might be the best way to go, but if you’ve done this before then you might want to go for a hat or a warm headband.

Burton - DND Beanie 

Moda Operandi - Rochas Wool Beanie

Back Country - Giro Range MIPS Helmet

Thermal Socks

Last but not least, you’ll need something to keep your feet warm! Let’s face it, everyone knows what it’s like to have cold feet, and having cold feet can make or break your day. To avoid this, we suggest a thermal, moisture-wicking sock. It may be something you don’t normally think of when you are shopping for ski necessities, but having warm socks will truly make your experience that much better.

Icebreaker - Women's Mountaineer Mid Calf


What are some of your favourite must-have items for skiing?